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Features of 42U Universal Home Server Rack

Features of 42U Universal Home Server Rack

Feb 1st 2020

In the technology-driven 21st century, the term 42U server rack is making rounds. People feel curious to know what server racks are. For their information, a server rack is a structure that is designed specifically to store technical equipment. The mechanical machines include servers, routers and switches. The 42U server rack helps hold multiple pieces of gears in one area securely.

It is crucial to choose the right server rack.

Categories of Server Racks:

Now, server racks are of various types like home server racks, 4-post server racks, and 42u server racks.

A 2 post server rack is a type of rack having vertical upright support beams. This type of racks is used for light IT pieces of equipment like switches.

4 post server racks, on the other hand, provide the stability and strength of an independent cabinet.

Thus, it is essential to install these server racks carefully.

Caution while handling:

These racks need to be handled carefully since they generate heat. People might get injured if they bump against it or spill water on it accidentally.

Moreover, the racks and rails should be compatible. If the customer is not sure which rack is compatible with which rail, he should consult a specialist.

Features of 42U Server Rack:

  • The 42u Universal server rack is generally consistent with an array of servers and rack mounting network types of equipment, including IBM, Dell, and HP.
  • It is also strong enough to handle 3200 pounds of weight.
  • It is designed like a 16 fold frame, to allow an integrated channel above the joint on the horizontal frame section.
  • This design prevents liquid infiltration on the gasket.
  • The top panel of such racks is also secured with standard eye bolts.
  • It has a stable and static design that allows a wall-mounted cooling system.
  • All the data centers have a standardized 42U server racks from leading manufacturers.
  • A supplier may even customize his recommendation to ensure that his needs are fulfilled. A 42U server rack is customizable.
  • home server rack may be customized to fit in types of equipment for home. These server racks may even be built personally, without investing capital. These may be lighter and adjusted easily. If the customer has a small, self-sufficient department within the organization, he may use this home server as a file or print server to lighten the load on the central server.
  • The power supply to the home server rack needs to be clean, reliable, and steady. So, the PDU for installing the server rack should be able to handle the specific power needs of the customer. It is a good idea to label these cables at each end. This labeling helps the customer identify where they are leading.


When the customer adds pieces of equipment to the server rack, he needs to run the cables from the devices to the servers or routers carefully. A premium quality server rack need not be super expensive. Hence, finding the right room for the server rack is essential because servers generate a lot of heat and noise. The server rack needs to facilitate proper cooling. To conclude, Raising Electronics is a brand which will help us choose the suitable server racks within a reasonable budget.