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About us

  • Raising Electronic Packaging Company includes three registered subsidiaries, which are Beijing Rising Wenguang Railway signal Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai Rishangsing Communication Equipment Co., Ltd .
  • We are specialized in electronic equipment designing and manufacturing. Our main products include light-alloy enclosures, open racks, cabinets, card frames, Eurocard, sub-chiisi, panels and accessories.
  • We provide structure design and manufacture, and also custom manufacture. We have export/import patent of products in our business field.
  • The products are widely applied to many industrial areas, such as railway communication signal, aerospace, electronics, digital/simulation communication, biological identification, safety monitoring, etc.
  • For a long time we have been provide products and service for thousands of company such as ABB, HMI, Siemens, Intel corp., China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp., China Electric Power research Institute, China Academy of Railway Science, Tsinghua, Fudan, and more than two thousands of other High-tech companies.
  • We played an important role in the sixth railway speeding and freeway constructions. After long years of supporting signal & communication corporations, we are confident about manufacturing and designing.
  • We have perfectly developed customized service, quick delivery cycle and flexibility under serving standard, and all these give us strong competition.
  • In 2013 we established Raising Electronics. Inc in Silicon Valley, US and commence our journey to internationalizing.
  • So far our products already own a great part of market in Northern America, and are imported to more than twenty developed countries globally.
  • Rising group focus on developing high strength, light-alloy extrusion with precision machining methods.
  • Strictly obeying IEC297-3, GB/T19520, we are experienced on developing, designing and manufacturing light-alloy enclosures and subracks.
  • We executive the same standard with many international mainstream hardware support suppliers, such as RITTAL, SCHROFF, ELMASEF, PENTAIR, VERO, etc. Also, some of our products are compatible.
  • We used as many recycling, renewable and environment-friendly materials as we can in the process of design and development to avoid any direct or indirect impact to the environment.