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RXG - 1/2   Design features:
sing aluminum alloy, confined good, firm structure, high bearing capacity, type I can used as a whole set with built-in subrack sets, type II can be used directly as subrack with built-in RXA horizontal beam.







Technical index:
Depth: minimum 150 mm, can add according to the 
             base stack of 42 mm, 50 mm
Width: 534 mm(19 ") or other size
Height: 2 U, 3 U, 4 U, 5 U, 6 U, 7 U, 8 U, 9 U, 10 U
Can also be customize manufactured according to your need
Material: aluminium magnesium alloy, 6063

Surface treatment:

Vacuum gush arenaceous/electrolytic polishing
Chromium acid passivation/electrostatic spraying

The vibration Test  DIN IEC 68-2-6 Test Fc
                                   DIN IEC 68-2-27 Test Ea
DIN 41494-5, IEC 60297-3-5, 310-D EIA, GB/T19520

Optional accessories:

Orientation Angle aluminum, front/back door, front and back panels, transition handle,side handle, L rail, layer board, EMC electromagnetic shielding device

Color:gray + camel white, green, other color