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What Is A Network Rack? Find The Best Network Racks Here.

What Is A Network Rack? Find The Best Network Racks Here.

Mar 2nd 2021

In this modern era of technology, all of us are at least familiar with the term “servers”. The servers are computerized systems that provide resources, information, or programs to other electronic devices over a network. In simple words, servers are the devices that help you to stay connected with a much wider world. That’s why we use a server rack to protect these important servers.

The server racks are metal structures that are designed to house any kind of technical equipment. It can be routers, switches, hubs, or servers. However, most importantly, it is used for storing the servers. Moreover, there are several types of server racks available in the market. Some of the most popular server racks are network racks, open frame racks, wall mount enclosures, and server cabinets. However, today, we will focus on only one type of server racks.

Since you have already read the name of the article, you must know about the topic we are discussing today. Therefore, let’s start talking about the network racks.

What is a network rack?

A network rack is a metal frame that can hold, store or protect several types of electronic devices. It can hold any type of computer and server hardware devices. The term “network” used in the network rack actually refers to the rack that can hold and protect the hardware. It can be an open-framed one or an enclosure. Moreover, the network racks also follow the standardized size of the server rack that’s suggested by the EIA. In other words, just like other server racks, the common width of the network racks is also 19 inches.

Where are the network racks used?

Different companies use network racks for different purposes. That’s why these are used at different places. Some of the places where this type of racks is popularly used are as follows.

  • Server rooms.
  • Audio/video installations.
  • Enclosed housing electronic equipment.
  • Data centers.
  • Industrial purposes.

Which racks are the network racks?

Raising Electronics has a tremendous collection of server racks. You will find different types of network racks. We have listed some of the most popular network racks offered.

1. 4 Post Open Frame Network Rack:

Self Dimension: 31” H x 20” W x 41” D

Weight Capacity: 750 LB

2. Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet:

Self Dimension: 25” H x 23.6” W x 31.5” D

Weight Capacity: 285 LB

3. 2 Post Open Frame Network Server Rack:

Self Dimension: 31” H x 20.5” W

Weight Capacity: 450 LB

4. Wall Mount Open Frame Network Rack:

Self Dimension: 14.25” H x 19.75” W x 18” D

Weight Capacity: 60 LB

5. Wall Mount Network Rack with Door Lock:

Self Dimension: 37” H x 21” W x 23.5” D

Weight Capacity: 145 LB

6. Open Frame Server Network Rack:

Self Dimension: 86” H x 24” W x 24” D

Weight Capacity: 900 LB

7. 42U Server Rack Mount Network Server Cabinet:

Self Dimension: 81” H x 23.5” W x 24” D

Weight Capacity: 3300 LB

8. 4 Post Open Frame Network Server Rack:

Self Dimension: 60” H x 24” W x 39” D

Weight Capacity: 900 LB

9. 6U Wall Mount Server Cabinet with Lock Panels:

Self Dimension: 15” H x 24” W x 18” D

Weight Capacity: 150 LB

10. 12U Wall Mount Open Frame Server Rack:

Self Dimension: 21” H x 19” W x 15” D

Weight Capacity: 90 LB

What size of racks do you need?

If you are familiar with server racks, you must know about “rack units”. A rack unit is a unit that is used to measure the height of server racks. In other words, a rack unit is used to measure the heights of the servers and the equipment. It is equal to 1 ¾ inch. Plus, it is denoted by “U”.

For example, if the actual height of a network rack is 42U, then its actual height is (42 x 1.75) = 73.5 inches. Similarly, you can easily find out the height of any server rack by the conversion.

Rack Depth:

Just like the height and width of any network rack, the depth of the rack is also important. So, to help you determine the depth you need for your equipment, we can refer to the following tables.

Floor-Standing Rack Depth Designations:

RackDepth (inches)Best to be used for…
Shallow27A/V equipment, limited space
Mid-depth31Limited space
Deep42Extra cables, improved airflow

Wall-Rack Mount Depth Designations:

RackDepth (inches)Best to be used for…
Patch-depth<16Patch panels
UPS-depth24-31.99UPS systems

Weight Capacity:

Just like the network cabinets mentioned above, every server cabinet has a maximum load holding capacity. It varies majorly as per the size of the server rack. Therefore, make sure that you consider the total weight of your equipment and the capacity of the server rack.

What special features do you need?

The network cabinets offered by Raising Racks have certain special features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Allows Expansion: The network cabinet models come with adjustable depths. These racks allow you to form the rows easily. Thus you can simply adjust the rails and get your desired rack depth.
  • Prevents Overheating: We all know overheating can damage the servers, leading to loss of data. This is definitely not something you want. That’s why it’s suggested to use server racks to prevent overheating and maintain proper cooling.
  • Wider Width: Like extended-depth, you can get extra-wide server racks. These racks help provide extra space for cables and boost airflow through the servers.
  • Seismic Protection: There are special rack cabinets that can withstand strong vibrations. These racks are a rugged welded construction and are used mainly in the earth-quake-prone areas. Other than that, these racks are also used in areas with regular vibrations like an airport or factory.
  • Easy Cable Management: When you store servers within the network cabinet, you must find several cables coming and going out of the servers. That’s why you need network cabinets that can help you manage the cables better.

Rack Cabinets and Open Frame Racks:

Rack Enclosures:

Rack Enclosures

Organize and protect your precious servers with the best rack enclosures in the data centers or at home. Click here to view the products.

Open Frame Rack:

Untitled design (40).jpg

To make your servers work even better and prevent it from overheating, give our open frame racks a try. Click here to view the products.

Wall Mount Racks:

Wall Mount Racks

Keep your precious equipment safe and off the floor with our wall mount racks. Click here to view our collection.