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What Are the Beneficial Features of 6u Wall Mount Racks? Why You Should Get One?

What Are the Beneficial Features of 6u Wall Mount Racks? Why You Should Get One?

Oct 12th 2020

6U wall mount racks are the strong mount racks that will be attached to the wall, and then the servers will be stored in them. The premium quality 6U wall mount rack is generally a 2-post open framed rack of the standard size 19” to store devices of different dimensions. These racks are made up of 5MM cold rolled steel that will enable them to hold the weight up to 60 lb.

The beneficial features of these wall mount racks that will work in your favor:

  1. Provides more workspace: This type of racks are ideal for network wiring closets, retail locations, back offices, education centers, and areas with limited floor space. With this wall mount racks, you can store multiple devices within a rack and as the rack is attached to the wall, it provides you space to breathe or utilize it for something else.
  2. Keeps devices secure: As every wall mount server racks do, these racks also help in protecting the computers, devices, and other equipment by storing in the racks. Even the side panels and the front door have locks in them to prevent any kind of damage, tampering, or theft. Plus, keeping the servers at a height from the ground protects the servers from any physical damage. Also, these racks come with proper ventilation to prevent the servers from overheating. The racks even can rotate 180o to open the reversible front door from left or right.
  3. Easy installation: These racks are really easy to mount on the wall. When you receive the server rack, you will get a manual. You can refer to the manual and mount the rack on the wall. Or, you can get help from a professional. You will receive the things needed for mounting along with the rack. Then you can easily mount the rack on the wall and start storing your servers in the racks.