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Server Racks And Cabinets Is Crucial To Your Business Growth. Learn Why!

Server Racks And Cabinets Is Crucial To Your Business Growth. Learn Why!

Feb 27th 2021

The best server rack just for your precious device….

Raising Electronics is a server rack manufacturing enterprise that’s known for making high-quality server racks and cabinets. Whether you’re in need of buying a server cabinet for your home or need a few more for your data center, you can find them right here.

You can add filters through the most popular rack models and find the right server rack for your precious equipment. Plus, you can customize the result page further in their product pages. However, feel free to contact us if you need something completely unique.

1. Open Frame Server Racks

Open Frame Server Racks

  • Price starts at as low as $97.54.
  • 8U - 42U
  • These server racks provide exceptional stability and easy installation of the servers. Plus, it’s available in different sizes to store equipment of different dimensions.

2. Open Frame Heavy Duty IT Network Data Server Rack:

                    2.	Open Frame Heavy Duty IT Network Data Server Rack:

● Pricestarts at as low as $142.42.
● 28U
● This premium quality 2-post open server rack allows the installation of different devices within itself. Moreover, this heavy-duty material can store up to a maximum load of 450LB.

3. Open Frame Enclosure:

                 Open Frame Enclosure:

  • Price starts at $202.29.
  • 19” Adjustable Depth 22-34”
  • These server racks are light-weighted and provide adjustable depth. Moreover, they can hold up to a load of 950LB.

4. Wall Mount Open Frame:

                Wall Mount Open Frame

  • Price starts at $87.79.
  • 15U + 19” Server Rack
  • This premium-quality  wall mount open-frame rack allows 19” standard installations. Plus, you can store up to a maximum load of about 90LB.

5. Rack Wall Mount Open Frame

           Rack Wall Mount Open Frame

  • Price starts at $60.48.
  • 12U + 19” Server Rack
  • This wall rack mount cabinet is light-weighted, durable, and can store up to a maximum load of about 80LB

6. Wall Mount Open Frame:

                           Wall Mount Open Frame:

  • Price starts at $57.54.
  • 8U + 19”
  • This solid, versatile, and  premium-quality server rack can let you store your equipment of a maximum load of 90LB.

7. Server Rack Mount Server Cabinet:

                        Server Rack Mount Server Cabinet

  • Price starts at $891.94.
  • 42U + 19”
  • This high-quality  42U rack enclosure has adjustable mounting rail depths. Moreover, it has meshed front and back doors to prevent your devices from overheating.

8. Internet/Network Server Cabinet


  • Price starts at $855.16.
  • 42U + 19”
  • This server rack has removable side doors for easy access to the inner rack. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty and free lifetime technical support!

9. 4 Post Open Frame Network Server Rack:


  • Price: $224.37
  • 27U + 19”
  • This movable rack provides exceptional stability to a maximum load of 700LB. Moreover, it is a light-weighted and durable high-quality rack that is available in multiple heights and depths. 

10. Rack Mount IT Data Server Cabinet Enclosure:


  • Price starts at $854.70.
  • 42U + 39.5”
  • This 42U server cabinet comes with a server fan unit, to prevent devices from overheating. Plus, it has adjustable mounting rails so that you can adjust the depth up to 34”.

11. Rack Mount Server Networks Data Rack Cabinet:


  • Price starts at $717.23.
  • 27U + 21”
  • This 27U network  server cabinet can fit the 19” standard equipment. Plus, it’s capable of holding a maximum weight of up to 1800LB.

12. Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet Rack Enclosure:


  • Price starts at $202.29.
  • 18U
  • This 18U 600MM deep  wall mount enclosure is designed to install various kinds of devices. You can either wall mount the rack or keep it self-standing.

13.  Rack Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet Rack Enclosure :


  • Price starts at $195.85.
  • 15U + 19”
  • This high-quality  network rack has a glass door that allows you to observe your equipment kept inside. Plus, it has caster wheels that provide mobility easily.

14. IT Network Server Wall Mount Cabinet:


  • Price starts at $119.53.
  • 9U + 19”
  • This 9U network rack comes with a lockable glass door. It also offers you to store equipment of maximum weight 180LB.

15.  4-Post Open Frame Server Rack IT Network Relay IT Racks :


  • Price starts at $147.12.
  • 15U
  • This 15U open-frame server rack has a capacity to hold about 750LB weight. Plus, it has a depth of 40.9”.

16.  IT Network 4 Post Server Rack :


  • Price: $193.09
  • 28U + 24” Deep 800MM
  • This server cabinet provides an adjustable depth of up to a 24” post to post feature. Plus, it’s a movable rack that can hold up to 700LB weight.

17. 4 Post Open Frame Adjustable Network Server Rack Enclosure :


  • Price: $229.28
  • 42U + 19”
  • This high-quality adjustable 4-post open frame rack can be used to install different sized equipment. In addition to that, it can hold up to 950LB maximum.

18.  4 Post Open Frame 19” Server/Audio Data Steel Rack :

  • Price: $183.90
  • 15U + 32” Deep
  • This server rack offers adjustable depth up to 31” that will fit most of the equipment. It can also hold a maximum load of 400LB.

19. Cable Manager For Server Racks Cabinets:


  • Price: $55.60
  • 42U Vertical Plastic Cable Manager
  • This premium quality vertical 1U rack-mount cable management can fit into different depths of racks and cabinets. Moreover, it provides a clean look inside the racks or cabinets. 

20. Deep Cantilever Server Shelf Vented Rack Mount :


21. 2 Space 2U Relay Rack Mount Cantilever Network Shelf:


22. Rack Mount Cooling Fan System:


  • Price: $54.62.
  • 3U Panel with 3 Fan Units
  • This premium quality product can prevent the equipment from overheating. Plus, it will further prevent any performance issues and shortened lifespan.

23.  Rack Mount Digital Server Fan Cooling System :


  • Price: $68.28
  • Fan Cooling System with 4 Fans 1U
  • This cooling system is perfect for both the home server rack and data center rack. It totally controls the temperature of the equipment store within it.

24. Rack Case Equipment Deep Drawer :


  • Price: $51.71
  • 2U/3U/4U Drawer Rack Mount DJ 19” Key Lockable (3U)
  • This 3U rackmount shelf is designed to fit different installation  depths of racks and cabinets. Moreover, it provides you with the flexibility to slide extend 9”.

25.  Rack Mount Distribution Power Outlet:


  • Price: $55.16
  • 1U + 15A PDU with Switch
  • This premium quality product has 21” width and 23” overall Wide with mounting ears. Plus, it can be easily being  mounted onto a 23” standard rack.

26. Raising Electronics Rack Mount Power Distribution Outlet :


27. Rack Mount Panel Server Network Racks Spacer :


  • Price: $9.75
  • 1U + 19”
  • This 1U blank  rack mount can be easily mounted on a 19” standard rack or cabinet. Plus, it provides exceptional stability to the equipment. 

28.  Rack Mount Panel Server Network Racks Enclosures Spacer :


  • Price: $13.78
  • 1U + 19”
  • This blank panel is made of cold-rolled steel to provide you with an excellently neat look. It can also provide you with exceptional stability.

29. Server Fan Cabinet Cooling System:



  • Price: $20.22
  • Home Theater Network 19” Racks
  • The frame of the product is  made up of aluminum alloy and plastic-spraying. 

30.  Cable Management Manager 12 Unit:


  • Price: $138.84
  • 10 Pack 19” 2U Cable Management Manager
  • This deal has 10 packs of the  2U rackmount cable management. Plus, it fits on a 19” standard rack or cabinet. 

Which is the right server cabinet for you?

When you’re looking for the right server cabinet to invest in, there are a couple of things that you need to know before you do so. There are several types of server racks available in the market. Depending on the size of the equipment, you can go for the 2-post or the 4-post racks with an open or closed frame. But how will you choose the best one for you?

To help you out, we have summarized all the important information to help make the decision easily. Plus, you can consider all this information even while buying a server rack in the future, as their needs can change with time. However, if you need any more help, feel free to contact us.

Different Server Rack Sizes: Know The Difference Before You Get One.

Before you invest in buying your server rack, you need to know more about the “rack units”. Rack units are referred to as the standard unit by which heights in racks and IT devices are measured with. They are denoted by “U-space”. To determine the rack size you need, you must be familiar with U space. That’s the only you can be sure of buying the right server rack for you.

How much depth do I need to store my equipment?

Though most of our racks are fully adjustable, you still need to know whether your servers fit into the server cabinet you selected. Like U space, depth is also important. That’s why you need to be familiar with the depth of server racks as well. Also, you need to consider the dimensions of your hardware before you order one. Other than that, you should also think about the space you need if you get any hardware in the future.

What should be the width of my server rack?

The most common standard width of the server rack is 19-inches. However, you will find racks of many other widths on our website. We have mentioned the external width along with every rack. The external width is the space the server rack will take up. You can just filter the search and find the server rack of your desired size. In short, measure the width of your device and then search for it on our website.

How should you choose a server rack?

A well-selected server rack can help you in a number of ways. Like, more efficient in layout, cooling, flexibility, and ultimately profitability. Server racks hardly have any difference fundamentally. The things that differ are that either they’re close or open and their sizes. That’s why you have to focus on

their dimensions and the volume. Generally, the server racks are measured in “rack units”, denoted by “U”. So, if you are planning to buy a server rack in the near future, read this article to select the right one for you.

Getting a network rack? Tips from Raising Racks.

Network racks are used to stack and protect various computer devices. Plus, it can hold a lot many different kinds of devices like modems, routers, and switches. So, whether you’re planning to buy it for your home or business, Raising Racks offers you an amazing  guide to help you find the right network cabinet.

Should You Buy a 2-Post Rack or 4-Post Rack?

When you’re getting a server cabinet for your data center, you can either go for 2-post server racks or 4-post server racks. However, choosing one between these two can be quite difficult for someone new, who isn’t familiar with server racks. In other words, you need to understand the pros and cons of using the 2-post and the 4-post server racks. You can  read this article to find out more about these two types of server racks.

Why is a Home Server Needed?

We all spend so much money on home tech, then why not invest in buying a server cabinet as well? Home servers are only going to make your life a little easier. In other words, you will be able to manage and host data easily. But how? There are several ways in which a home server rack can benefit you. You can  read this article to find out more about it.

Why Should You Go for a Wall Mount Rack?

Wall mount racks are best for data centers with limited floor space. As its name suggests, you can mount these racks on the wall. Then, you can keep your equipment inside them safely. You can get these racks for your home or medium enterprises. To know more about wall mount racks, read this article.

Open Frame Racks: Are They the Ideal Racks for Your Data Center?

When you’re investing in a server cabinet for your data center, you need to be very careful. There are several types of server racks available in the market. However, open frame racks offer some unique features that can make you choose them over others. Read this article to know more about them.

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