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Server Rack Basics | Everything You Need to Know Before You Equip Your Data Center

Server Rack Basics | Everything You Need to Know Before You Equip Your Data Center

Mar 12th 2022

The use of server racks is not something new these days. Most offices get a proper server rack in order to install different types of equipment and also organize the wires in the right way. Apart from the managing and organizing part, these racks are also helpful for the purpose of ventilation and security that is not achieved otherwise.

Types of Server Racks

Now, the server racks are available in different options according to the requirement and demands of the clients.

  • Open Frame Racks: These are traditional server rack options that are quite basic and are open from all sides.
  • Cabinets and Enclosures: If you are more concerned about safety, you would surely go for the cabinets and enclosures. These are server racks that come with a lockable door for better protection and safety of the equipment inside.
  • Wall Mount: Due to space constraints, the idea of having a miniature server rack is also quite popular. These are usually wall mounts in nature so that you can save space.

Equipment for Server Racks:

So, what type of equipment can be actually installed in the server rack that you are buying. There can be a range of options that you can install.

There are some racks that are ideal for bigger options such as servers, monitors, routers, and many others. While there are also some racks that are used for keeping other It equipment options such as cable managers, PDUs, and many others.

Choosing the Right Server Rack

When the market is flourishing with so many server rack options, it can get really hard to get a hand over the right one. Here are some of the factors that you can go through while making the right selection according to your needs.

  • Dimensions: The very first factor that you should definitely take a dig at is the dimension of the server rack. You should have a look at the height, width, and depth of the racks so that you can be sure that you can install your equipment in the right way in the rack. There are racks available in different dimensions so that you can choose the right one accordingly.
  • Load Capacity: Apart from the dimension, it is also essential to check out the load capacity that the rack can carry. It is extremely essential to check out this factor in order to avoid any accident such as breakage of the rack due to the overweight of the equipment.
  • Quality: Today, server racks are available of different quality. You should check out the material out of which it is made up and also the look of the racks in order to get the best one according to your need and budget.
  • Features: These days, server racks are available with several features and specialties. You need to be sure of the features that you actually want in your server rack such as a lockable door, ventilation, holes for the wires, and many others.

Factors for Server Rack Setup

You should also keep in mind a number of things while getting a server rack and setting it up.

  • The Location: The very first thing that you need to check out is the location where you are going to install the rack. If you have a small office setup, making use of the wall mount racks or portable racks can be of great help. At the same time, if the server room is accessed by many people, you should go for the lockable racks.
  • Extra Options: It may happen that the server rack that you have bought is perfect but you require extra space fin it. Thus, you can think of custom racks that you can make use of as and when required according to the situation.

Along with the above elements, there can be many endless requirements and factors that you can check while getting a perfect server rack and setting up a data center. This entirely depends upon your requirements. Hence, it is essential to have a cross-check of your needs and plan well before shopping for server racks.