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Select A Server For Your Small Business

Select A Server For Your Small Business

Aug 11th 2020

It’s a great thing that your small business has grown much for you to purchase a server. Don’t let this question of choosing slow down your growth. Find the server that can meet your needs and give you space to grow into it.

The Server You Need

Your server gives a way to store and share data, print, send emails, and share various databases to help your business. It helps you and your staff to share resources and work together on projects. Unlike a desktop computer, your server runs various applications on it. Once arranged for your business, there may be little to do but supervising it and routine maintenance are needed.

Getting the right server needs knowing what you will be doing with it and consider how much reliable your server must be.

Server Types

Depending on what servers you need, you can buy one that focuses on a single function, like mail or file storage. If it is for several business functions, a more powerful server with multiple task capabilities is needed.

Memory and Storage

Get more memory and storage than you think you may need and grow into it. Don’t suffer with slow response and shuffling files to make room for more when the server should make life easier for you and your staff.

Start out with 4GB to 8GB of memory and a minimum of 500GB of storage. Disk drives are easy to add to a server or run in standalone enclosures.

The Cloud Can Affect Your Choice

Small businesses are using the cloud as an alternative to onsite servers and storage. If your business is using the cloud for any functions, then your requirements for a server will be reduced. For example, if you’re using cloud-based CRM and bookkeeping systems, you will need far less capacity in a server, perhaps only to store a few files.