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Rack Cabinet Enclosure Sizes: Understanding The Differences

Rack Cabinet Enclosure Sizes: Understanding The Differences

Oct 8th 2021

While looking for a perfect option to mount your server or other accessories, you need to look for the one that is most appropriate for your needs. A lot of people may get confused about the options of racks, cabinets, and enclosures. If you are also among such people who are not sure which option will be the best, here is a small discussion to help you understand the differences in a rack cabinet enclosure.

Rack vs Cabinet vs Enclosure:

There are some basic differences between racks, cabinets, and enclosures. Here are some of these differences that you should know to understand which one will be appropriate for you.

  • The Size:

The very first difference is the size of these options. The enclosures are actually quite huge options while the racks are smaller ones that can be mounted or installed inside an enclosure. The cabinets come in medium-size which means these are smaller than the enclosures but larger than the racks.

  • The Built:

As mentioned above, the racks are usually installed inside the enclosures. Hence, the enclosures have to be strong enough to hold the racks inside them. Similarly, the racks are also equally strong inbuilt as you may mount servers or even other heavy items over it. The cabinets are also strong options and come in one piece so that you do not have to face the hassle of installing and uninstalling each time.

  • Customization:

While cabinets do not offer the option of customization, the enclosures are made to offer you an extreme level of customization. You can remove the racks to create a huge space in the enclosure to storage a big machine inside the enclosure. Similarly, you can install a good number of racks inside it to store different small items. Hence, the enclosures offer you the option of customizing according to your requirement.

Benefits to Check

Apart from the features, it is crucial to check the benefits of rack cabinet enclosure so that you can make the right decision. Here are the benefits that you can check out for each of the options.

  • Racks:

Racks are extremely affordable and also easy to handle options. These are handy and can be available in different materials depending upon your choice and requirements. You can keep several racks in stock so that you can install them in the enclosures as and when required. If you are buying racks of good quality, they are going to be extremely durable. Check out the weight capacity of the racks so that you can mount items of the desired weights on them.

  • Enclosures:

Enclosures can be vast but are extremely strong and spacious. If you have got a big office, these enclosures can do wonders in saving up your space for the servers and other accessories. Enclosures also offer a customization option as you can install racks according to your requirement. If you want to store a huge item, you can remove all the racks to make up space. Similarly, you can install a good number of racks in it to store the right amount of items in it. Apart from customizing the enclosure and creating good space, enclosures are also great in terms of the security of the items that you are keeping inside them.

  • Cabinets:

Similar to racks and enclosures, cabinets are another option that can be useful in many places such as small business houses or even in homes. These are usually modern-day enclosures that do not have the customization option of installing or uninstalling racks. Usually, these cabinets come with a glass door so that you can have maximum security for the items that you have stored inside them. These cabinets also come along with ventilation or fans so that there is no heat accumulated inside the cabinet and the server or the other items inside it can operate in the most appropriate way. Out of all the three options, cabinets are the most expensive option due to their several features and compact design.

Selecting from racks, cabinets, and enclosures can get quite difficult a number of times. But if you are focusing on the problem areas and the requirements that you have got, you can surely come up with the right option. You should check upon these few factors before making your choice.

  • The Space that you require for your items
  • The size and weight of the server or the item to be stored
  • How much money you are ready to spare?
  • Do you have any provision for increasing your machinery ahead or not?

Based on these few factors, you can surely decide about the option that will be best for you. Of course, once you have understood the differences between all the three options, it will get much clear for you to know which one is best for you. But practically, comparing different options in different sizes and patterns is still a great idea before closing your deal.