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Rack Cabinet Enclosure Buying Guide

Rack Cabinet Enclosure Buying Guide

Nov 23rd 2021

Having a server is the most basic element today for any company that depends upon digital machines. Not just offices, today there are also many houses that prefer to have servers set up for various purposes.

What reason it is, in order to have a server, it is essential to get a rack cabinet enclosure in which you can install your server or any other IT equipment safely.

Why Do You Need a Rack Cabinet Enclosure?

There are many reasons due to which you will require a rack cabinet enclosure for your server and other IT equipment options.

  • The cabinet offers convenient security to the equipment that you are installing within the cabinet.
  • Along with proper security, these cabinets also ensure to allow proper air cooling of the server.
  • Not just servers, this particular rack cabinet style also offers support to many other IT equipment options

How to Choose the right rack Cabinet Enclosure?

Here is a detailed guide on how to choose the right rack cabinet enclosure for your server or any other IT equipment.

  • The Dimensions:

The very first factor that you need to check out in a rack cabinet is its dimensions. It will depend upon the size of the equipment that you have got. The enclosures are available in different dimensions in terms of units and also the size. You can check out different options such as 2U, 4U, and more depending upon the racks that you require in the cabinet. Now, you can choose the size of the cabinet also depending upon the size of the server.

Apart from the unit and the size, you also need to check out the depth of the cabinet enclosure. Again, for this, you have to check out the width of your server well so that you can get a cabinet of appropriate depth to fit in the server well.

  • The Type:

The enclosures are available in various types so that you can choose the right one for a sophisticated interior or a compact space, depending upon your requirement. Also, you can get an enclosure based on their designs such as an open framework or a locked one with a glass door. Often big companies that have separate server rooms prefer to have cabinet enclosures with glass doors in order to protect the server from theft, manhandling, or any other kind of issue.

  • Convenience:

Apart from the above two basic factors, you also need to check out a wide range of convenience options offered with different cabinet enclosures. If you are buying for a long-term use, it is always better to get a cabinet enclosure that comes with a lot of convenient features. Some of the features that you should definitely look out for are:

Get a cabinet that is easy to assemble so that you do not have to call upon a professional to get the cabinet installed.

One of the best ideas is to get a cabinet enclosure that is adjustable in nature so that it can stay flexible with any type of IT equipment that you are mounting. Also, getting an adjustable one helps you in mounting different equipment from a wide range of brands.

In the case of a cabinet enclosure, make sure to check whether it has got a proper air cooling system or not else the server might face problems if the heat does not escape.

Apart from these features, also make sure to check out whether the enclosure brand offers a proper customer support team and a warranty or not for better experience and reliability.