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Know More About Server Racks

Know More About Server Racks

Feb 1st 2020

Software professionals mostly rely on server racks. Now, what are server racks? Naturally, laypeople feel curious to know what these objects are. So, let us unravel the meaning and the purpose that servers racks serve.

What are server racks?

Server racks are housing enclosures for electronic devices. In this context, we often hear the word “u.” It is an abbreviation of rack units. Well, it is a unit of measurement applied to equipment racks and the disk drives which they contain. It occupies 1.75” vertical space. Manufacturers of rackmount types of equipment develop their product lines based on how many “U”s it holds in the server rack.

A server rack is also a standalone device that is installed in the cabinet.

Why is cable management needed in server racks?

  • It needs to be organized because when left to themselves, all the network cables tend to get tangled like pasta. This entanglement leaves the IT professionals confused.
  • Now, people naturally want to know why cable management is needed in a server rack. The answer is quite simple. Cables can prove to be quite risky when tangled up. These tangled up wires may create confusion while they are being reconnected to some device.
  • Server racks may be of a variety, like a wall mount server racks, open frame racks, 6u wall mount racks, network cabinets, and computer racks. Let us get to know in detail about them.
  • The rack 15u provides moderate security for networking pieces of equipment. These racks are suited for offices that do not have sufficient space.
  • One person can assemble 6 U wall mount racks within a matter of minutes. They are easy to assemble and dismantle. They can be mounted on walls, thus saving up on the wall space.

What are the different types of racks?

  • A data center rack is a type of electronic framework made of solid steel. It is designed in a way o house servers, different networking devices, and data center types of equipment. It helps the employees of a data center facility place the pieces of equipments within the office premises.
  • A rack server is a computer that Is dedicated to be used as a server. It is designed to be installed within a framework, which is known as a rack mount. It has a low-profile enclosure.
  • A computer rack is a metal frame for holding various hardware devices like servers, hard disk drives, and other pieces of electronic types of equipment. They are also known as racks.
  • A server rack is of uniform width, while servers are mounted on the racks with the help of screws. Each rack can hold many servers. The servers are stacked on top of one another.
  • A 42u rack is a standard rack, measuring up to 19 inches. Different types of racks are available in the platform Rising Racks, from where an IT professional may buy them at a reasonable price. 12u wall mount racks are convenient for housing the more significant pieces of types of equipment.