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How to install my wall mount rack system?

How to install my wall mount rack system?

Apr 27th 2020

You need to put your rack-mount enclosure together, and you are doing it for the first time? Well, there are a few things that are to be kept in mind before you start to put in your rack system. There are a few things that are to be followed to accomplish the installation task correctly and timely. You are just a few steps away from getting a hitch-free installation. Let us know them. 

Figure out the things - It is always good to keep everything in view so that you can

get it handily when needed. Look out for things that you may require for the installation procedure, either at the moment or in the future. This will make your installation procedure super easy and create enough space allowance for them. As you are accumulating, things that are needed in the future as well. 

Get a consultation - Consult a person who is experienced in the field. While doing it

for the first time, you are not aware of the challenges faced. Hence, it is a good idea to discuss the steps with a contractor, an electrician, or a carpenter. Touch something only after you are sure about how to use it. Since asking questions and getting doubts cleared is better than risking your stuff. 

Accommodate all supplies - It is a good idea to prepare a list of supplies that are

needed to install a rack system. For instance, items required to install a 6U wall mount rack are different from what is needed to install a 2U rack. Such items include screws, washers, cage nuts, etc. This list will save you time after you have initiated the installation procedure. 

Securing mounted electronic equipment - After installing the wall rack mount with

screws and washers, it is crucial that you carefully move towards installing the electronic equipment. It is a huge investment, and hence, you should be cautious while doing this. Ensure that the equipment is mounted well so that it doesn't fall off and knockdown. Drawing a diagram of the rack system and its other components on the wall will help you find the most suitable configuration. It is also crucial since different rack systems may have different configurations. Like the 2U wall mount rack system is the smallest in the range.