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Different Server Racks Available in the Market: Learn More About Them

Different Server Racks Available in the Market: Learn More About Them

Oct 24th 2020

If you are associated with an online business, you must be well aware of how important your servers are for your business. Servers are really vital for any digital business as they store all the precious data. They also help in improving the efficiency and productivity of your business. That’s why you have to keep the servers safe from any kind of damage. This could be done by using the right server racks for your precious servers.

Server racks, also known as server cabinets, are available in different sizes and of different designs in the market. You just have to select the right server cabinet from the rack collection of Raising Racks for your servers. You can also read this article to find out about every rack available.

The different server racks available are:

Open frame racks are such server cabinets that are the open versions of the server racks, making the servers kept within them easy to access. There are multiple benefits that you might get by using these racks. Some of them are:

  1. Easy to Install: The open frame racks make it easier for you to reach the servers whenever you need, i.e., making them accessible. This is not possible to do this if you use a rack enclosure. Also, you won’t have to remove the panels like you have to do in case of using rack enclosures. With these open frame racks, you can just install your devices by installing the mounting brackets from any angle.
  2. Easy to Maintain: As these open-frame server racks do not have walls, you can easily maintain the servers kept inside the server cabinets. With these server cabinets, you will be able to access the servers kept within from any side of the cabinets. You will also be able to swap cables that are going in and out of the servers and manage them well. Plus, the mounting and the unmounting of the servers become very easy.
  3. Easy to Organize: You already know that these server racks don’t come with walls. So, you will be able to maintain the dozens of cables going in and out of the servers well. These open frame racks allow you to keep the hardware cables free from tangles. You can also label the cables for better management of the cables. This will allow recognizing the cables which are causing the problem right away.
  4. Proper Flow of Air: This is another advantage of using an open frame server rack. Because there is no wall around the server racks, the heat generated due to the servers’ running is released in the surrounding. This helps in maintaining the optimal temperature of the servers, which is essential for their better working. So, proper airflow is needed within the server cabinets, which is totally provided by these racks.
  5. Cheaper than Other Racks: Open frame racks have lower production costs than the enclosure ones, as less of the material is needed in the manufacturing. Also, as these racks are of less weight, the shipping cost of these server racks is also less.

Wall mount racks, also known as wall mount cabinets, are other server racks that are quite popular in the server world. But these racks are most popularly used by businesses that have limited space. As these racks are mounted on the wall, you won’t need any floor space to keep these server cabinets. There are multiple advantages of getting a wall mount rack for your business. Some of the advantages are:

  1. More Floor Space: As you can get from the name of these server racks, these racks are mounted on the wall, providing you more space to store more devices or room for your office. If you kept your servers within these server racks, you will get more floor space and won’t knock them once in a while.
  2. Easily Accessible: These server racks has easy to access back-doors, making the servers kept inside more accessible to you. This also helps in easy installation of the servers and also maintain them. Even the front door of these racks are reversible and removable and can also rotate 1800.
  3. Better Protection: As the servers racks will be mounted on the wall, the servers which are kept within the rack, will provide more protection to the servers. There will be no chance of you getting knocked over or you spilling liquid on them. Thus, there won’t be any case of data loss.
  4. Prevent Overheating: These server racks are provided with fans and an integrated ventilation grid that will help in maintaining the proper temperature of servers. These fans will allow the proper flow of air and prevent the servers from getting overheated. Maintaining the ideal temperature will let the servers work properly and can even boost their performance.

Rack enclosures are the third type of server racks available in the market. This is also a popular option that you can go for. To know what benefits that these racks will provide you with, you should keep reading this article.

We are listing some of the benefits of rack enclosures. Depending on your needs and considering the benefits you might get, you might think of getting one of these racks for your servers. Some of the advantages that you might get are:

  1. More Protection: These server racks provide protection to the servers kept within them. There will be absolutely no chance of any loss of data from the accidental bumps that might lead to damaging the servers if kept in an open frame rack. Then, you won’t have to worry about protecting the servers anymore.
  2. Proper Airflow: Unlike open frame server racks that can provide the maximum airflow, these enclosure racks have fans and other ventilating devices to provide a cooling effect and prevent the servers from overheating.
  3. Hidden Cables: With this type of server racks, you can easily hide the cables going in and out of the servers. This will help in giving out a better appearance and reducing the risk of cables from damaging as well.
  4. Better Security: As these server racks have closed cabinets that are provided with locks. This helps in protecting any sensitive data from any unwanted access to your data.

You must also know that all the server racks in the rack collection of Raising Racks are designed in many sizes to meet your need and help you grow your business. Now, it is your call which one you choose and how you use it to get the maximum utility. But make sure that you consider all the above points and find out which server rack is the best for you.