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Data Center Trends Impacting Manufacturing Industry

Data Center Trends Impacting Manufacturing Industry

Aug 11th 2020

Virtualization is creating a new data center where equipment racks are filled with smaller devices that are utilized at a higher rate, but still, use less power and operate at cooler temperatures.

According to a recent Consulting-Specifying Engineer report, the trend toward virtualization is becoming dominant in large facilities and small data centers operated at factories and other manufacturing centers.

The trend toward virtualization in the manufacturing-focused data center creates several improvements in the industry, including economic and management enhancements.

Virtualization dramatically improves the economics of operating a data center in industrial settings by reducing the amount of power and cooling infrastructure needed within the facility and reducing operational costs, the report said.

In terms of management, the report explained that it is easy to manage the many updates and other software and firmware changes that occur within manufacturing server systems when running on virtual infrastructure.

Virtualization is becoming a common solution for data center managers that cannot seem to keep temperatures in a safe range. Citing two case studies, a recent ReadWriteWeb report explained that virtualization could ease cooling concerns in the data center.