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8U Wall Mount Network Rack 12in Deep

8U Wall Mount Network Rack 12in Deep

Oct 20th 2021

Wall mount network rack has become one of the most reliable options for mounting servers and other similar equipment. Whether it is your home or a small office set up, this 8U wall mount network rack can be a great option for you. With a depth of 12 inches, this network rack is one of the best options that you can have if you are looking for something for your personal use or for your small business setup.

The 8U wall mount network rack 12 inches comes with a vast range of features that makes it extremely beneficial for the users.

The Built:

The most important thing about this 8U open-frame rack is that it is of high quality and premium built so that you can rely upon it completely for your equipment. Made up of 5mm cold rolled steel, this network rack is a perfect piece to go for a wide range of equipment options. Also, due to the rolled steel material, the racks look extremely standardised so that you can keep them exposed within your office or home too. Of course, maximum of times, such equipment options are stored in the warehouse or in the server room but these racks are a perfect option to install at other places too.


The build of the rack makes them extremely durable apart from their standard look. Also, the racks are quite light in weight so that you do not face the trouble while installing it at any height on the wall. This 8U wall mount network rack 12 inches deep is ideal for a standard equipment of 19inches wide or so.

The rack is not just built with premium material but also is constructed with the help of quality craftsmanship so that it can hold up an equipment of up to 90LB. Surely, all these features make this rack beneficial for your office or home so that you can mount equipment on this rack with confidence.

Convenient Installation:

Apart from having a superb and heavy duty built, this 8U open-frame rack is also quite convenient for installation. Once you have purchased the rack, you can instantly install it on the wall according to your requirement without waiting for the professionals to arrive and do it for you. The rack has screw holes at specific points so that you just have to insert the nuts within these holes and tighten them on the wall. Also, the rack package comes along with cage nuts and rack screws so that you can conveniently use them to mount the rack on the wall according to your need.

All you need to do is to decide the height where you wish to mount the rack. Now, place the rack and point out the screw holes carefully so that you can make holes at these specific points on the walls. Later on, you just have to tighten the screws and nuts on the wall through the rack to fix it on the wall.


Another great thing about this rack is that it also comes along with warranty so that you can be relaxed when it comes to any problem in it. There is a warranty of 1 year time duration so that you can get technical support for the rack whenever you want regarding the built and other features of the rack. While the material, the features, and other factors already makes this rack quite a reliable option, the warranty option of this rack makes it even more reliable and worth buying for different equipment options.

Wall mount racks have become one of the best options for servers, monitors, and several other equipment options. In this regard, the option of 8U Wall Mount Network Rack with a depth of 12 inches has become one of the best options for standard sized equipment options. These are great not just for several equipment options but also equipment from diverse brands.