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5 Important Types of Server Rack Equipment

5 Important Types of Server Rack Equipment

Mar 12th 2022

When the name server rack comes up, the very first equipment that comes to mind is a server. But do you know that these racks are universally used for installing a number of other types of equipment too?

So, here are 5 important types of server rack equipment that you can install in your server rack.


Now, of course, as the name suggests, these server racks are dominantly used for servers. Today, IT services are used in every big and small office where having a server is a must. These server racks keep the servers secure and protected. Today, racks with several features such as lockable doors and ventilation are created in order to provide protection as well as cooling effect to the servers.

Patch Panels:

Apart from servers, patch panels are also eminent IT equipment that has been used in several industries such as telecommunications. These racks are quite useful in installing and managing the patch panels too.

Routers and Switches:

In this data-driven world, routers and switches play a major role. In several data-centric organizations, server racks are hugely used for the purpose of securely keeping these routers and switches for the purpose of proper data transmission alongside the servers.

Supporting Equipment:

Along with the necessary IT equipment options, there are several supporting equipment options too that have to be kept. Now, these supporting equipment options cannot be kept at any random place. Hence, most server racks today are designed in such a way that items such as cords, rails, blanking panels, and others can be also kept apart from the main equipment.

Other Items:

While the server racks are mostly designed for holding up the above-mentioned items, these are very commonly used today for many other options too. There are several offices, where the server racks are used for keeping laptops or similar items. Also, in some offices, a troubleshooting monitor along with a keyboard and mouse is also kept.

So, though the server rack is known for the installation of servers, today there are so many different types of equipment that can be kept on the racks. Basically, it all depends upon your requirement in the office.