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24U Open Frame Server Rack

24U Open Frame Server Rack

Oct 21st 2021

24U Open Frame Server Rack is a perfect piece for those who are looking for something that can save space as well as is cost efficient. If you are not sure about the closed cabinets and similar options, then this can be the perfect thing to have. This particular 24U Open Frame Server Rack is ideal for all 19 inches installations and comes loaded with diverse features and specifications to enhance its benefits. Moreover, this particular rack can stand out to be one of the best options for offices that have got small spaces and need to have a rack with proper airflow for their servers.

24U Open Frame Server Rack Features:

Here are some of the features that can be highlighted about this open frame server rack.

  • Ideal For Different Accessories:

This server rack is ideal for servers, patch panels, and others As it has got an open back, the airflow is always well-maintained so that there is no issue when you are installing servers in it. Similarly, as the back is open, it gets much more convenient for the installation of options such as wiring and patch panels. Whether you have a small office and are looking for a rack to accommodate your servers along with different accessories, or you are looking for a server rack for your home, this can be one of the best options to go for.

  • Convenient Installation:

The installation for this server rack is not just quick but also quite easy. The module available with the rack explains the simple-to-do steps following which the users can install the rack quite conveniently and in a much shorter time. It is due to such convenience in the installation that you will not require any professional help in getting the server rack installed. Once you have understood the steps, you should not take much time in getting the setup done and also in installing your servers or other accessories for which you have purchased the server rack.

  • Different Available Slots:

Slots are available in the server rack with keyholes for the wall mounting option. Apart from the sockets for wall mounting, the rack also has holes through which wires can be passed if you are installing servers or some other accessories along with it. Overall, the rack is made perfect for not just storing the accessories but to make them efficient in terms of their working. It is due to the open back and the holes available that you can also operate the accessories in a much more efficient way without getting tangles in the wiring system.

  • Highly Compatible with different brands:

Usually, 24U Open Frame Server Rack options are compatible with a wide range of brands. This particular server is also compatible with a wide range of brands so that you do not have to mess around much. So, whichever server or system you have got, you do not have to worry about its compatibility. The server rack can comfortably hold all the accessories from diverse brands so that you do not have to spend time searching for a particular server rack for a particular brand.

  • Cost Efficient:

If you have just started a business house, you will have to think a lot about the cost. In such a case, this server rack can be a perfect piece that is not just cost-efficient but also is quite functional and beneficial. This rack is much affordable when compared to options such as cabinets and closed racks available for servers. Of course, the closed cabinets are much more secure but the open frame server racks have their own benefits of saving space and being adjustable in different options. Also, these racks are affordable and thus are highly preferable for startup companies or even for small offices.

Open frame server racks always come with a list of benefits due to which they are still famous today even when there are many other options available. 24U Open Frame Server Rack is an ideal option for a lot of many users who wish to install servers or other accessories not just conveniently but at an affordable price. Getting this server rack surely can be one of the best decisions to have for those who are not in favor of closed cabinets and racks.