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2 Post Server Racks

2 Post Server Racks

Jan 11th 2020

8 Benefits of 2 Post Server Racks

When it comes to the IT sector, data is always of the topmost priority. Ensuring secured data, maintaining high-performance hardware, responding to troubleshooting requests remain some of the most important things to be taken care of by an IT manager. On the other hand, configuring server racks might not seem the much needed important decision instantly.

However, it can still prove to have a significant impact on the company’s IT infrastructure and the bottom line. Amidst this, two-post racks are of enormous value. They offer a host of other unique benefits that allows an IT company to build the perfect server room.

Below are some of the benefits of 2 post server racks:

  • 1.Adjustable into a variety of spaces

Two post shelves can fit into a variety of areas with heights ranging from 4 to 9 feet from ground level. There is also an option to wedge them into tighter spaces than their 4-post counterparts.

  • 2. Easier to install

2 post racks are well known for their simple installation. This is mainly credited to the simplified instructions, which can save one’s time instead of spending hours only in the installation process. It ultimately provides the benefit of getting the server room operational ahead of the scheduled time.

  • 3.Easier to remove

There are times when our offices have to be moved to another location, or the hardware needs to be upgraded. During this time, 2 post server systems are a boon as they make it easy to remove both the racks and the servers.

  • 4.Enhanced designs and material quality

The 2 post racks’ modern design provides essential structural support that takes care of the background aesthetics as well. Most of the high-quality models now feature aluminum racks that are formed into their final shape rather than bent after the fact.

  • 5.Help reduce clutter

The handy cable management that comes with the 2 post shelves is designed in such a way that it keeps all cords contained and organized. It guarantees ideal efficiency and safety.

  • 6.Optimized ventilation

IT hardware needs to have proper cooling and ventilation systems to take away all the heat generated in the processing. 2 post racks provide an unrestricted flow of air in and around the servers and other electronic networks. It ultimately helps reduce the temperature of the area and increases the performance and lifespan of the concerned equipment.

  • 7.Availability of optional features

Depending upon the specifications of one’s server room and the type of equipment that can be housed in the racks, one can easily configure these 2 post racks systems thus, providing an array of optional features for IT managers.

  • 8.Money saver

Apart from providing a host of additional features, the central aspect that any IT person can look into his hardware types of equipment is to reduce the overall cost. 2 post server racks excel in this as they generally provide the least expensive option.