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19in Steel Vertical Wall Mount Equipment Rack Bracket

19in Steel Vertical Wall Mount Equipment Rack Bracket

Nov 23rd 2021

Wall mount equipment rack bracket is one of the most commonly used options these days for servers and other networking equipment. In order to save up space and to store the servers in a much convenient manner for offices as well as for personal use, many people have been using this particular type of wall mount rack currently.

Available at a pocket-friendly price, this particular 19in rack wall mount comes loaded with a number of features also that make it a favorite among a lot of people in the current times.

The Material:

It is the material of this rack mount that makes it extremely durable and lost lasting. It is made up of cold rolled steel that is rust free so that you do not have to worry about the rack getting exposed to moisture. Surely, it is with the help of such a durable material that the wall mount stays intact with you for a pretty long time.

The Design:

The modern day offices wish to have a sophisticated mount rack that does not just efficiently store the server but also offers a great look to the interiors. This purpose is absolutely solved with the wall mount rack that is available in professional black colour and comes along with a glass door. The glass door is though simple to look at but comes with modern styling to ensure you a great look. Also, the rack glass door is featured with a locking system so that you can keep the door locked to protect the server from anyone manhandling it.

The Capacity:

As the name suggests, this 19in rack wall mount is capable of having a server of up to 19 inches. If the weight of the server is talked about, then the wall mount rack bracket is capable of handling a server or networking equipment of up to 200LB.

The Setup:

A lot of people might think that assembling and setting up this wall mount can get really hectic. But the fact is that it offers an equally convenient mode of assembling. There are already screwed holes in the framework for you to install it carefully on your own. There are also holes to install a castor wheel if you want to have it for the purpose of convenient mobility of the rack from one place to another without the help of anyone else. Also, the usual manual is there with a lot of instructions that you can go through for the assembling purpose.

Warranty Period:

The best part of the wall mount is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year. While the entire rack comes with a warranty of 1 year, the material of the rack comes with an individual warranty of 5 years too. Though the rack mount is already a super durable and reliable product, the warranty on the item offers extra reliability.

Apart from so many features that it comes along with, you also get great customer support whenever you face any trouble or you have any query regarding this 19in rack wall mount. The technical support is absolutely free for a lifetime so that you can make use of this rack wall mount bracket without any stress or worry.