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16U Low-Profile Vertical-Mount Wall-Mount Half-Height Server Rack Enclosure

16U Low-Profile Vertical-Mount Wall-Mount Half-Height Server Rack Enclosure

Jan 14th 2022

These days many individuals also get servers at home for their personal use or even for their home-based business enterprise. Getting a proper server rack for such an option is again quite essential. For such options, one of the best products to go for is a vertical-mount wall-mount half-height server rack enclosure.

It is quite interesting to check out the features of such an enclosure to understand why it is a perfect option for homes as well as for small offices.


The server rack 16U is capable of holding any equipment or item that can weigh somewhere around 400lbs. It is ideal for several networking and electronic items such as servers, monitors, and others. The best thing is that the rack enclosure is compatible with items from a wide range of brands.

The Built:

The enclosure is made up of rolled cold steel that is of premium quality to keep the rack durable for a pretty long time. Also, it comes with a powder coating to offer it a premium look. It is due to its premium look that you do not have to hesitate in installing this enclosure at your office as well as even within your home premises.

The rack also has vented holes for the purpose of ventilation. This maintains regular air flow so that the server or any other equipment mounted in the rack do not face the trouble of overheating while running. Thus, this protects the equipment from getting damaged.


It is due to its material that the enclosure is quite light in weight so that you do not have to face trouble in handling it while installing it. The best thing is that you can either install the enclosure on the floor or can even mount it on the wall.

When you are installing it on the floor, you do not have to worry as it does not take up much space on your floor. But if you do not have to much space on your floor, you can also take the initiative of mounting the rack on the wall.

The product comes along with several installation accessories such as screws and nuts so that you do not have to look for other accessories in getting the rack installed either on the floor or on the wall. All you need to do is to follow the instruction guide provided in the kit and then install the rack accordingly.