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15A Horizontal Rack Mount Power Strip

15A Horizontal Rack Mount Power Strip

Nov 23rd 2021

Maintaining a server can be difficult if you do not have enough arrangements for it. Having a rack for the server or any network equipment is the very first step towards such an arrangement. But just having a rackmount will not be enough also. There are also many other accessories that you need to have in order to get the right functioning of the server or any other networking equipment that you are installing for your activities. One such accessory that you will require is that option of rack mount power strips.

What are Rack Mount Power Strips?

These power strips are useful in offering power to the server or any other networking equipment that you have mount in the rack. Now there can be different power strips available depending upon your requirements such as the strips that has got horizontal switches while some that has got vertical switches. These are also available according to the power that you wish to use such as this 15A Horizontal rackmount power strip.

Features of 15A Horizontal Rackmount Power Strips

The rack mount power strips come loaded with a number of features to make it extremely reliable for the servers or the networking equipment that you have.

The Material:

The power strips are made up of super reliable material cold rolled steel so that they can stay rust free and can stay up for a pretty long time. This particular choice of material for the power strips makes it solid and versatile and offers a quality that is not just high but touches the premium level.

The Design:

Apart from the material, the design of the strips is also of premium quality that makes the strips last long. This particular horizontal rackmount strips comes with a display unit also where the user can not down the usage of power. To offer you a great convenience at working, the strips come with a power cord that is of the length 6.5 inches. Thus, you can conveniently take the power strips to install at the right place while you can connect the server with the strips through the cords also with ease.


While the power strips are known for their amazing performance, you do not have to worry much about the installation and assembling of the power strips. The user manual allows you to understand well the method and the ways of assembling the power strips and getting started with it. Also, there are several screw holes already available that will guide you through the installation process.

The package comes along with several nuts and screws that will be helpful for you in installation of the power strips with ease. You will not require any professional if you are following the guide and you will be able to get the power strips started within a few minutes with ease.

Warranty Period:

The material and the design of the power strips  have already declared the reliable and durable nature of the product. But the brand also offers a warranty of 1 year over the strips so that you can get support from the brand in case if there is any issue in the strips during this period of 1 year.

Of course, it is not necessary that the problem may arise only in the first 1 year. It may happen that the problem may come up after a year or you might have other issues or questions related to the power strips. In such a case, the customer support team is always available to listen to your queries and also sort out any of your issues that you have got regarding the item.