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 19 Inch Rack Shelves: Low Profile, Vented and Solid including Middle Atlantic Shelving

19 Inch Rack Shelves: Low Profile, Vented and Solid including Middle Atlantic Shelving

Jan 14th 2022

When it comes to mounting servers and other electronic equipment options, having a rack shelf is the best one that you can have. If you are not in requirement of something that is quite extraordinary, getting something that is low profile can also help a lot. In such a case, getting these 19-inch rack shelves is a great option to go for, These shelves are quite ideal for mounting different types of servers along with many other networking equipment options too.

The Built:

The shelves are made up of rolled cold steel and have a powder coating over them to offer a completely matte finish. The material out of which the shelves are made up of is quite durable and also reliable in nature. Though the shelves are low profile, they are vented and solid including middle Atlantic shelving. The holes are provided for proper ventilation so that the flow of air remains properly. The regular flow of air through the vented holes makes sure that the electronic equipment that you are mounting on the shelves does not get heated up much and stays safe and secure always.

 19 Inch Rack Shelves: Low Profile, Vented and Solid including Middle Atlantic Shelving

The Features:

Apart from the strong and reliable built of the shelves, there are also many other features of these shelves.

  • Perfect Compatibility: If you have been looking for perfect shelves for your rack, this rack shelf for 19 inch rack is a good option to go for. You can get these shelves and can arrange your rack perfectly for mounting all your required electronic items and accessories that are of the dimensions 19 inches or similar. Also, devices of various brands are quite compatible with these shelves.
  • Capacity: The rack shelf for 19 inch options is made up of premium quality and with the use of premium craftsmanship too. This has made it super light in weight and yet quite durable in nature. Thus, when it is light in weight, it is quite convenient to manage and install these shelves. Also, the shelves have the capacity of holding any networking or electronic equipment of about 175lbs.
  • Ease of Installation: These shelves are usually light in weight so that you can conveniently handle them. Also, they come up with several screws and nuts so that you do not have to search for a compatible screw or nut for the installation of the shelves. You can quite easily check out the installation steps mentioned in the kit and can make use of the given accessories to get the shelves installed.

After you have conveniently installed the shelves, you are all set to go ahead and mount the required equipment or gadget that you wish to have. This high-quality shelf will surely stay for longer and will offer a great service for your accessories too.