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Server Rack Cooling: Airflow, Fans, and Methods | Rising Rack

Server Rack Cooling: Airflow, Fans, and Methods | Rising Rack

Sep 11th 2021

If you are installing a server rack, taking care of the cooling of the server inside the rack is an important task to do. Thus, it gets really important to get fans for server cabinet installed to maintain the airflow inside the cabinet. Having a proper cooling system will not just help in cooling down the temperature in the room but also will protect the server from crashing and will lower down the electricity bill.

So, how to get the right option for server rack cooling?


Here are some of the options to go for.

Fan Trays

Often when an area in the rack or the cabinet is left empty, then this place does not get proper air circulation, and the chances of heat building up increase. One of the best ways is to add fan trays at such places such as at the top of the rack or the cabinet. This will circulate the air throughout the rack and the environment will cool down to offer the right amount of atmosphere.

Combatting Noise:

If you have a server set up, it will create noise. Of course, the amount of noise that is being created will depend a lot upon the operations that are being conducted. One of the best ways in such a case is to keep the server rack with the server in some other separate area or room. This will keep away the employees from the noise disturbance of the server. But if you do not have this option, you can get racks and cabinets that are soundproof.

HVAC System:

The server does not just create heat inside the cabinets but also in the entire room. Hence, it is important to have a proper HVAC system in the room that can keep the room cool and does not allow the server system to heat up the environment of the room.

Liquid Cooling:

Liquid cooling is another great option that is being used in case of data centers such as that of the office of Google. The network of pipes are used to cool the environment with cold liquid and the liquid that has warmed up goes back to the cooling chamber.

Thus, whether you have a portable rack of cabinet for your server at home or have a huge server rack at the office, cooling is important. Thus, selecting the right cooling option is important to meet your requirements.