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4 Post Rackmount Shelves | Rising Rack

4 Post Rackmount Shelves | Rising Rack

Sep 11th 2021

Once the server cabinet is bought, one of the troubles that come in is about getting the right rackmount shelves. There can be several 4 post rackmount shelves available. But the question here is which one will be suitable for your cabinet.

There are two things that you need to check here. The measurement of the shelves and secondly, the type of shelves that you are getting. For getting the shelves of the right size, try out these tricks:

  • Measure the depth of the cabinet, leaving a 6” gap.
  • Do not forget to consider the measurement of the rails too.

4 Post Rackmount Shelves:

Now when you are done with the dimensions, it is time to choose from different types of shelves. Here are different 4 post rackmount shelves that you can have for your server cabinets.

Fixed Shelves:

have. These are also known as fixed shelves or stationary shelves and are great for electronic enclosures.

Vented Fixed:

These are also fixed shelves similar to those discussed above. The only difference here is that these shelves have vents in them for the passage of air.

Sliding Shelves:

The sliding shelves have a pull-out feature so that you can pull out the shelf as and when you require to use the item that you have mounted on them. So, as the idea suggests, this shelf is especially for those electronics or other accessories that are to be used more frequently than the others.

Self Adjustable:

Once again, this is a flat shelf but with the difference that the mounting ears of the shelf can be adjusted well up to 4” depending upon the depth of the cabinet.

Self Adjustable Vented:

This shelf is self-adjustable in nature as the one mentioned above. It is only that this shelf comes with vents.

Heavy Duty:

Heavy duty flats are thick in nature and have the capability of holding a weight of about 300 lbs.

Heavy Duty Vented:

These shelves are quite thick than the usual ones and have vents on them for air passage.

Reinforced Shelves:

These may not be as thick as the heavy duty ones, but these have an extra layer of steel over them. It is due to this extra layer that the shelves are capable of holding a weight of 150 lbs.

Keyboard Shelves and Drawers:

These are mainly pull out shelves to keep keyboards for regular usage.

Lock Boxes and Drawers:

Similar to the keyboard drawers, the lock boxes and drawer shelves are again of pull-out nature and store several pieces of equipment in them.

So, choose wisely according to your requirements.